Our Approach

Listen & Understand


Our consulting approach includes developing a strong relationship with clients built on mutual trust and a successful engagement.  To achieve this, we spend time up front to fully understand the situation, desired outcomes, potential risks, project scope, and success measurements.  

HR Strategy Aligment


Mapping the employee experience and focusing on the employee lifecycle provides organizations the chance to not only attract the talent needed to compete in today’s markets, but also deliver a more sustainable customer experience. At Strategic HRM Solutions, we believe in proactively developing HR strategy for the various stages of the employee lifecycle. We work with clients to help them align their strategic platforms against each stage of the employee lifecycle. 

Consulting Services

Employee Retention & Engagement

Given the competition for talent, the ability to retain and engage talented employees is top of mind for most business leaders.   We partner with organizations to first understand attrition trends and the current level of employee engagement and then recommend action steps to become  an employer of choice.   Our approach includes:

  • Analyzing employee attrition statistics and exit interview data
  • Determining engagement levels through employee surveys or focus groups
  • Reviewing the employee life cycle and identifying ways to improve the employee experience throughout the cycle
  • Developing accountability measures for stakeholders, including leaders

Change Management

Agile companies know the importance of planning for and managing change.   They understand that change management offers many benefits including reduced implementation time, less risk to daily operations and a successful adoption of  the change.   We assist organizations going through change by working with management on:

  • Assessing the organization's readiness for the change
  • Creating a climate for change by building a sense of urgency and mobilizing leaders
  • Analyzing current skill sets and determining training needs
  • Working with leadership on a communication plan, removing obstacles to change, and energizing the organization through short-term wins
  • Implementing the change
  • Monitoring progress and creating a strategy for sustaining the change

Talent Strategy

Studies show that effective talent management has a demonstrated relationship to business performance.  We assist organizations with talent strategy by starting with an understanding of their business plans and goals.  The next step is to work with leaders on workforce planning to ensure people strategy is aligned with business plans and long-term strategy.  Our process includes:

  • Identifying the skills and knowledge required of the workforce to achieve long-term business objectives
  • Determining potential gaps between the current workforce and long term needs
  • Facilitating a talent assessment focused on performance and potential
  • Enhancing leadership development
  • Creating a succession plan