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Customized HR Strategic Services


Strategic HRM Solutions, LLC was created to offer companies strategic human resource management solutions aligned with business objectives and goals.  We help organizations by working with them to create and implement customized strategic HR solutions focused on retaining and engaging talent, managing change and building a strong talent pipeline.  We work harmoniously with your internal staff to expand your HR capabilities.  

Solutions for Today's Business Challenges


We assist companies by working with them to address today's business challenges.

  • Attracting, retaining and engaging key talent
  • Aligning workforce strategy with business strategy
  • Assessing and developing leadership talent
  • Keeping agile by implementing successful change management programs

We focus our consulting services on these challenges due to their impact on business outcomes, including customer satisfaction, corporate performance and costly employee attrition. 

Areas of Expertise


We offer over 25 years of HR expertise, with a history of partnering with business and HR leaders on strategic HR initiatives that align with business objectives and goals.   

Strategic HRM Solutions works with clients to implement best practices in the areas of employee engagement, change management and workforce strategy, including talent development and succession planning.

Within these core focus areas, we have expertise in:

  • Mapping organizational strategy to HR strategy
  • Identifying the root cause of attrition
  • Recommending high impact engagement initiatives
  • Assessing talent and building a bench of future leaders
  • Coaching leaders through change
  • Developing change management strategy
  • Aligning organization design with long term objectives
  • Integrating HR programs following mergers & acquisitions

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